Social and political realities from Moldova shaping
the way we celebrate

Moldova is a country with identity crisis, a gradually shrinking population, where the centralization of information access misbalances the social and political beliefs, which differ contrariwise between the capital and the other regions. A certain social despair provokes an emotional anesthesia, an inability to criticize, or have a sober view on reality. The only way to overcome and forget the political situation is to enter the dreamland of celebrations. They are most often organized by political, social and religious reasons, that are the actual grounds for anxiety. During the annual cycle, we can observe an overlay of religious, specifically traditional, soviet and politically influenced holidays. Usually people dive into celebrating completely forgetting the true meaning of the cause they are commemorating. Often, they tend to shape it into a completely new reality, one that is not acknowledging the problem and making people aware, but vice versa.
The Idea
The exhibition's concept highlights the local issues in the context of important local celebration days. Our goal is to give an opportunity and encourage artists to tackle these social issues of high importance by creating social-aware artworks, and beside that, to widen and decentralize the area of cultural and proactive events.
Wall calendar is one of the unintentional dominant aesthetic points of the kitchens, living rooms, public and private spaces all over the country. Standard picture of landscapes, kittens or saints placed on the standard calendar template to promote random company or political party becomes a simulacrum for the piece of art, The Picture in a wide sense, and at the same time is the organizer of the annual cycle of celebrations.

Within the framework of the project the artists, designers and illustrators are welcome to reflect on the spectrum of moldovan celebrations, (it can be either one specific celebration, or series of them, or even general image of all of them at once) and make their own wall calendar. It will become a part of the special poster program of the exhibition. It can be one single image or series posters, the number of works is not limited, but our curatorial team will select the best ones.
Artists are welcome to address to any kind of media they prefer: hand and digital graphics, painting, photo, video, sound, objects, installations. You can send us already existing piece or make a new one especially for the exhibition.
Our objectives are to create an interactive contemporary exhibition, including an illustrative calendar collection created specifically for the exhibition, artbooks, photography, videoart, soundart and digital graphics. It will be shown in 10 different cities and villages of Moldova: Cahul, Soroca, Tiraspol, Chișinău, Comrat, Taraclia, Balti, Drochia, Bahrinesti rai. Floresti, using the space from the College of Arts in Chisinau, Houses of Culture in Cahul, and Club19 from Tiraspol.
Post Real exhibition questions the social and political realities from Moldova and presents artists' critical views on the associated issues. Besides reflecting the two realities through the local holydays, we will also show alternative critical points of view in areas with limited access to information and cultural events from Moldova. Our exhibition will promote new visions of curating but also encourage young artists to take part and participate in an engaged showcase.
Deadlines and Specifications
Send your work and a short description in RO, RU or EN on with the subject Post Real Submission until The 17th of November.

Please attach your BIO, according to this sample.

420 x 594 mm (A2), 300 dpi, 3 mm bleed, crop marks, CMYK, PDF for print/TIFF/PSD/EPS (outlined)

Other medias:
Any kind of comprehensible format, please attach the instruction if needed.

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